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Long-Awaited Scene! :P
by navy_flyboy (navy_flyboy)
at October 12th, 2005 (08:56 pm)

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jarhead_marine [userpic]
Harm and Mac...
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 30th, 2005 (02:52 pm)

Harm and Mac's House
1230 ZULU

Harm groped my hips as we stumbled in the doorway of the house. Both Chloe and Mattie were at school and weren't due until three-thirty. Three hours of us time. I was excited as hell. He was kissing me and kissing me hard. My hands were grasping the back of his neck and our bodies were smacked up against one another's.
Somehow, not losing the connection our bodies had made, we made it up the stairs, into the bedroom, and had gotten undressed. He threw me onto the bed, gently, not roughly, and crawled over me. He clasped my hands in his and held them over my head. I giggled as his lips made their way down my neck, over my shoulders, down my chest, over my stomach, and towards the inevitable. And as they reached it, I whimpered, closed my eyes, and allowed the ecstasy to take over.

jarhead_marine [userpic]
Three weeks after the last H/M scene...
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 24th, 2005 (11:27 am)

1100 ZULU

Harm sticks his head in the doorway and smiles. "Hey, you ready to go to lunch." I nod and close a file on a new case I'm working on, finally glad to have something different than that damned ex-FBI agent file.
"Yeah, just let me close stuff up here." I close all the open windows on my computer and stand up. But a pain shoots through my back. I lean over towards my desk, grabbing it, and my face shows the pain. Harm, being the man he is, rushes towards me.
"You okay?" I nod.
"Yeah, I just uh... I stood up too fast."
"You're full of it Mac. It's the endometriosis, isn't it? When was your last doctor's appointment?" I laugh and meet his eyes.
"Mom, I'm fine. Okay? My last appointment was three months ago, I just stood up too fast. I'm fine, really." I stand up straight and the pain is gone. But I'm instantly worried. I had surgery, they fixed what had happened, or somewhat at least, and say that if Harm and I decide to make the step to parenthood, he could donate sperm and they could extract my eggs and mix them, then put them back in me, and we might possibly be able to make a baby. I don't want my option gone, but anymore, I wonder if Harm even wants a child. He hasn't mentioned it or even said anything about it. And that surprises me.
When we get in the car, he pulls out and as we're driving, lays his hand over mine on my thigh and looks over at me. "Mac, I want to ask you something." And then I realize it's coming. "Do you still want children?" I turn and look at him.
"Of course I do Harm. I've always wanted children, you know that. It's just, I don't know, Chloe has been going through some rough stuff lately and has been confiding in me and of course, Mattie is like my own child, and well, I just haven't really thought about having my own in a while."
"But you still want one?"
"Yeah, I do." I whisper, picking up his hand and laying a gentle kiss on the back of it.
"Do you want to try?" I sigh and look out the windshield.
"I just don't want to do all of this and then it turn out bad. It only hurts me when things don't turn out. I mean, what if we spend all this money and have all these procedures done and then we still can't make a child?"
"But what if we do all this and we do?" I close my eyes as I feel the tears come.
"I just don't now Harm. Why don't we discuss this at home later. I'm hungry and a bit agitated about a case right now, I'll be clear minded later." He drops it and that surprises me beyond words.
Pulling up to McMurphy's, we get out of the car and go in.

Dana Katherine Scully [userpic]
by Dana Katherine Scully (spookysdana)
at September 17th, 2005 (10:27 pm)

Scully's Apartment
7:30 PM

I step in front of my dresser mirror and straighten my clothes for about the millionth time this evening. I'm so nervous and I'm sure anyone who might see me will tell right off. I run a anxious hand through my hair, checking my make-up just as I hear the doorbell chime. I close my eyes and sigh knowing that will be Mulder and I feel my insides take a nervous jump inside my abdomen. Tonight a lot of decisons will be made, not just business ones but personal ones as well. I walk into the living room and cast a nervous glance at the piece of paper that was sitting on the edge of my entry table; my request for tranfer. I looked at that paper carefully, thinking how much power such a small piece of paper truly had. Had I not gone and talked to Skinner myself earlier that day and pretty much begged him to not go through with my request, I may very well be already off on her new status in Dallas, Oklahoma City, God knows where. I reach for the paper and hastily push it into my jeans pocket before I go to the door just as he knocks again. "Just a second!" I call as I reach up to peer through the peephole and see him standing out in the hall, he looks so sad and I just want to hug him. I move to unlock the door and pull it open; offering him the smallest of a smile. "Hey," I open the door wider and allow him into my apartment, closing the door behind me.

jarhead_marine [userpic]
Mac needs forgiven Harm!!!
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 6th, 2005 (04:46 pm)

Harm's Apartment
1900 ZULU

I step up to the door and knock, scared to death that Harm may not want to see me. But he opens the door nonetheless. And I fall apart. I collapse into his eyes and begin to sob against his shirt. He wraps his arms around me and I feel a few tears hit my temple. He somehow manages to get me inside his apartment and the door shut. That's when he pulls away, cups my jaw in his hand, and kisses me like I've never been kissed before. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him into me, slithering my tongue into his mouth, and rotating my hips against him. God, how I've missed this. We pull away panting and I smile. "You're back." He states, as if it were already a sure thing.
"I hope so." He shrugs and leans down, laying a gentle kiss on my forehead.
"Me too." Clasping my hand in his, he walks me over to the couch. We sit down together and he slides an arm around me. I lean over, laying my head against his shoulder, and let out a long sigh. "What is it?"
"I just know that this is where I've always been meant to be." I gaze up into his eyes lovingly and smile once more. "I'm sorry I ever questioned my love for you. But Fox spelled it out for me just an hour or so ago. I had a rough childhood and spent too much time chasing my past. I have never been happy, not until I met you. And then everything changed. I was so afraid to love you, to be happy. But now, I just have to let go and realize that you're here and you're mine and I love you with every breath I take." He kisses my temple and my heart leaps. For I know, he's forgiven me.
"Will you answer one thing?" I take a deep breath as our eyes lock once more. "Did you sleep with him?" I glance down at our joined hands and let out another raspy sigh.
"Yes." He nods, anger filling his face, yet he doesn't let go of my hand and never unwraps his arm from around me.
"Is that what it took to fulfill your happiness? To make sure that he wasn't the one and that I was? A comparison of sex?"
"Harm, no, that's not what it was. You and I were supposed to meet them at McMurphy's. Scully left, we started to talk, things got out of hand, and I wound up back at his apartment. Things went too fast too quickly and it just sort of, happened. I knew before I saw Fox again that you were the only man for me. I loved Fox, we were married, and I still love him. But the place in my heart..." I lifted his hand and laid it against my chest. "That holds my one true love has only enough space for you and you alone."

Dana Katherine Scully [userpic]
by Dana Katherine Scully (spookysdana)
at September 6th, 2005 (12:21 pm)

*Dressed in a pair of old jeans and old Academy sweatshirt, Scully blew her nose on the millionth kleenex she had gone through that evening.  She was lying in bed, buried by the bulk of her bed covers as she still continued to cry her eyes out. She reached up and wiped at her eyes, her head was just starting to throb at amount she has cried in the past day. She reached over and threw away the now overly used kleenex and grabbed another one and blew her nose again. She didn't think her heart had ever hurt as much as she was hurting right now. The one person she had trusted, not only with her love but with her heart had hurt her. The one person whom she thought could hurt her, had hurt beyond reason. She had left work that day, having just put in her request for transfer and then had come home crying her eyes out as she changed and immediately fell into bed crying for the love she thought she and Mulder had had. Wiping her eyes again, she suddenly wanted some tea to try and help clear her senses. She rolled out bed, knowing how horrible she must look: tear stained cheeks, rumpled clothing and her hair all askew,smeared makeup and her eyes reflecting the pain she felt. She slowly padded into the kitchen and started the burner to boil some water, just as there was a knock at the door. She furrowed her brow, wondering who could be coming over this time of night. She slowly walked to the door and peeked out of the peephole, she felt her throat go dry. Mulder. She closed her eyes in pain. He was the last person she needed to see.*

jarhead_marine [userpic]
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 5th, 2005 (01:42 pm)

McMurphy's Tavern
1730 ZULU

Fox called me before he left the office, wanting to speak with me. I left work, without telling Harm, to go to McMurphy's and meet him. But as I stand in front of the double doors, I can't bring myself to walk in. If I go in and we wind up doing what we did only earlier this morning, things could be over. Not only between Harm and I, but between Dana and him. And I promised her I'd take care of him, but I'm not sure that the best thing for him would be being with me. Yet, I open the door and walk in. Fox is sitting at the bar. He stands as I walk towards him, puts a hand on my waist, and lays a gentle kiss on my forehead. "I'm glad you came." He tells me. I nod and allow him to lead me toward a booth in the back of the bar. I sit down and he scoots in across from me. "I ordered us a few drinks, I hope you don't mind."
"I don't drink." I remind him.
"I ordered Coke, I didn't mean alcohol." I swallow loudly and meet his eyes. Reaching across the table, he clasps my hands in his. "Sarah, there is so much for us to talk about." I nod, trying to keep the tears that are stinging my eyes from falling. "I love you, with all my heart I do, I have since I met you at a bar much like this one sixteen years ago. It killed me when you left, I buried myself into my work, and hid from a lot of things. And I hid a lot of things from Dana, just as I'm sure you did with Harm." I nod and feel a tear slide down my cheek. "But Dana, ah, what is there to say? She's been my rock, my constant, my touchstone. And I can't just leave her. But I can't just walk away from you either."
"Fox..." I begin. "You're the only man who can make my heart beat faster and slower at the very same time. But Harm has been my rock, my shelter, my home. He's loved me for ten years and we've fought to make a relationship, but it was never really right. I can't just leave him either, but like you said, I can't just walk away from you."
"So what do you want to do?" He asks me.
"I don't know." Shrugging, I pull my hands away. Standing up, I walk to the other side of the booth and sit down beside him. Running my hands up his chest and over his shoulders, I lick my lips. "But we've got to do something, because my body is screaming to feel your hands on me." When he reaches over and gropes my waist, my breaths go ragged, and we kiss. A sweet, passionate, needy, wanting kiss. But one that is as forbidden as can be.

jarhead_marine [userpic]
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 4th, 2005 (10:51 pm)

McMurphy's Tavern
0230 ZULU

I walk into McMurphy's, the place of so many of my revelations, and look around. Harm is not with me, I am alone in this. He had to pick up Mattie and thought that it would be better if I conquered this alone. He told me to figure things out and then come to him when I've decided what's important to me. I love Harm so much, he's been there for me for ten years, through every heartbreak and every downfall. But Fox, Fox was the first man I truly fell in love with. He was the one who forced me to dry out and the first man to love me for every part of me. We had fallen in love so fast and he proposed a month after he met me, it took Harm ten years. I love them both and now, how am I to decide?

I finally see Fox and Dana sitting in a both at the end of the bar. Taking a deep breath, I folded my hands in front of my stomach, and made my way towards them. The look I am getting from Dana is a look that could kill and my head begins to hurt as I think of her blow. But I saw the look in her eyes when I kissed Fox, obviously her man. And I feel guilty, but I love him, and couldn't help but indulge myself.

"Fox..." I murmur as I step up to the table.

jarhead_marine [userpic]
First entry...
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 3rd, 2005 (10:46 am)

FBI Building
2200 ZULU

"Harm, it obviously isn't here." I sighed and shrugged indigently. We'd been searching through the bureau's folders on a Lieutenant who had been shot recently. Little had we known when we'd heard the news that the feds had been on him for months. Yet, when we'd requested to see their files, they had refused. Hence the reason that, through a connection Harm had, we were snuck in by a man I had never met. We'd been searching for hours and had yet to find them. "Just give it up. They're not here!"

sundance201 [userpic]
Background info
by sundance201 (sundance201)
at August 27th, 2005 (01:21 am)

current mood: sick
current song: 'Back To California' Sugarcult

Alright, before we get started.....which I swear WILL happen, :P, I thought we should post a little backstory, just in case anyone is confused about something.....or just for reference. *shrugs* Or whatever.

Actually it's not that much of a backstory, though I'm sure that we can come up with some more meat to the story. *shakes head* Back on topic. Anyways! Mulder and Mac have previously dated, but have neglected to tell their respective partners about the previous relationship (I'm assuming we're having it be fairly serious?). Erm.....yeah.....:P Have anything to add guys?

AHHH! I'm horrible at this game......:P

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