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jarhead_marine [userpic]
Three weeks after the last H/M scene...
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 24th, 2005 (11:27 am)

1100 ZULU

Harm sticks his head in the doorway and smiles. "Hey, you ready to go to lunch." I nod and close a file on a new case I'm working on, finally glad to have something different than that damned ex-FBI agent file.
"Yeah, just let me close stuff up here." I close all the open windows on my computer and stand up. But a pain shoots through my back. I lean over towards my desk, grabbing it, and my face shows the pain. Harm, being the man he is, rushes towards me.
"You okay?" I nod.
"Yeah, I just uh... I stood up too fast."
"You're full of it Mac. It's the endometriosis, isn't it? When was your last doctor's appointment?" I laugh and meet his eyes.
"Mom, I'm fine. Okay? My last appointment was three months ago, I just stood up too fast. I'm fine, really." I stand up straight and the pain is gone. But I'm instantly worried. I had surgery, they fixed what had happened, or somewhat at least, and say that if Harm and I decide to make the step to parenthood, he could donate sperm and they could extract my eggs and mix them, then put them back in me, and we might possibly be able to make a baby. I don't want my option gone, but anymore, I wonder if Harm even wants a child. He hasn't mentioned it or even said anything about it. And that surprises me.
When we get in the car, he pulls out and as we're driving, lays his hand over mine on my thigh and looks over at me. "Mac, I want to ask you something." And then I realize it's coming. "Do you still want children?" I turn and look at him.
"Of course I do Harm. I've always wanted children, you know that. It's just, I don't know, Chloe has been going through some rough stuff lately and has been confiding in me and of course, Mattie is like my own child, and well, I just haven't really thought about having my own in a while."
"But you still want one?"
"Yeah, I do." I whisper, picking up his hand and laying a gentle kiss on the back of it.
"Do you want to try?" I sigh and look out the windshield.
"I just don't want to do all of this and then it turn out bad. It only hurts me when things don't turn out. I mean, what if we spend all this money and have all these procedures done and then we still can't make a child?"
"But what if we do all this and we do?" I close my eyes as I feel the tears come.
"I just don't now Harm. Why don't we discuss this at home later. I'm hungry and a bit agitated about a case right now, I'll be clear minded later." He drops it and that surprises me beyond words.
Pulling up to McMurphy's, we get out of the car and go in.


Posted by: Dana Katherine Scully (spookysdana)
Posted at: September 25th, 2005 05:43 am (UTC)

*Mulder and I had decided to grab lunch at McMurphy's, following our latest case. Mulder kept asking me and asking me if I was sure that I wanted to come here and I knew he was thinking about that woman, Sarah and her partner ate here a lot. But, that's okay. If they come here, we'll just go about our meal and not take notice. We had just got our orders and we were eating slowly as we talked over the findings of our latest case. I suddenly stop talking as Mulder dribbles a bit of sauce from his burger to his chin. As he reaches for his napkin, I place my hand on his to stop him. His eyes meet mine and I shoot him a smile before leaning forward and oh so slowly, I lick every single drop of that sauce from his chin. I pull back a satisfied grin on my face, while he just stares at me. I reach forward and close his mouth.* "You'll catch flies, partner." *I then turn back to my salad, like it's normal for me to lean over and lick at his chin in public, an everyday occurance.*

Posted by: Fox Mulder (danasspooky)
Posted at: September 25th, 2005 06:42 am (UTC)

*We were busy having a nice lunch as we talked over our latest case when I suddenly dropped sauce on my chin. I don't know what Scully was thinking but she suddenly leaned over and licked it completely off my face. I was a little stunned, to say the least, but man was it a turn on. I suddenly find myself a little aroused by her actions as I turn and stare at her. I guess I didn't realize my mouth was hanging open because she reached up a pushed it closed, then simply turned back to her salad like it was no big deal. I sit there for a moment longer, just staring at her in stunned silence as she pretends to ignore me.* "Scully..." *I say, but she still pretends to ignore me. She looks so damn sexy sitting there with that satisfied smile on her face that I just can't help myself. I reach up and hook a finger under her chin to turn her face towards me. I gaze into her eyes for a moment and she gazes right back. I slowly lean in, my mouth slightly agape again as I prepare to kiss. I kiss her softly at first, but as I let my tongue mingle with hers, the moment over takes me and I deepen the kiss. I kiss her passionately right there in the middle of the bar, not caring one bit who is watching.*

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