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jarhead_marine [userpic]
by jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
at September 4th, 2005 (10:51 pm)

McMurphy's Tavern
0230 ZULU

I walk into McMurphy's, the place of so many of my revelations, and look around. Harm is not with me, I am alone in this. He had to pick up Mattie and thought that it would be better if I conquered this alone. He told me to figure things out and then come to him when I've decided what's important to me. I love Harm so much, he's been there for me for ten years, through every heartbreak and every downfall. But Fox, Fox was the first man I truly fell in love with. He was the one who forced me to dry out and the first man to love me for every part of me. We had fallen in love so fast and he proposed a month after he met me, it took Harm ten years. I love them both and now, how am I to decide?

I finally see Fox and Dana sitting in a both at the end of the bar. Taking a deep breath, I folded my hands in front of my stomach, and made my way towards them. The look I am getting from Dana is a look that could kill and my head begins to hurt as I think of her blow. But I saw the look in her eyes when I kissed Fox, obviously her man. And I feel guilty, but I love him, and couldn't help but indulge myself.

"Fox..." I murmur as I step up to the table.


Posted by: Fox Mulder (danasspooky)
Posted at: September 5th, 2005 04:01 am (UTC)

*I listen to her as she tells me about everything, about how she still has her ring. I still have mine, I never got rid of it. She tells me that she doesn't want to throw away everything that she has with Harm either, neither of us do, yet somehow we can't seem to let each other go either. There's this instant attraction between us, one that's always been there, and I don't know how much longer I can fight it. I find myself mesmerized by her lips, not being able to look away, and I find myself licking my lips in anticipation. She kisses me and I don't pull away, simply find myself getting lost in her kiss instead, and I can't help but wonder what would've happened between us if we'd never lost each other. Before I realize what I'm doing, my hands go up to cup the sides of her face and I find myself deepening the kiss.*

Posted by: jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
Posted at: September 5th, 2005 04:03 am (UTC)

My arms drop as his kiss overwhelms me, his tongue finding its way into my mouth and then massaging my own. My heart leaps while my head screams no but my body screams for more. Fox and I had made love in the past, numerous times, but I was feeling more at that very moment than I ever had making love to anyone. "Fox..." I whimper against his lips and let my hands fall to his waist, gripping it and pulling myself closer to him. "Come home with me." He tells me. And I find myself grabbing his hand, standing up, and leaving with him.

Posted by: Fox Mulder (danasspooky)
Posted at: September 5th, 2005 04:13 am (UTC)

*I ask her to come with me, not because I'm wanting more, although I'm quickly losing myself in her. I want her to come back to my place so we can talk things through, we need to get everything out in the open, and I don't feel like we can do that here. We need to talk someplace private, and I feel like we can do that my place. But as I feel her hands on me again, I don't know how much longer I can rationalize my actions with myself. All I know is that we need to get back to my place, quick.*

Posted by: jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
Posted at: September 5th, 2005 04:28 am (UTC)

I chide myself for the girlish indulgence that I am consorting in. But when Fox's mouth is on mine and his hands are hot on my body, I can't help myself. He unlocks his apartment door through the hole between my arm and my waist. The car ride and even the elevator ride consisted not of talking, but of mouthwork altogether different. As we stumble into his apartment, it's dark and I can't see where I'm going. But apparently Fox does, because I'm lying on top of him on the couch before I know it. Running my hands down his chest, I grip the ends of his shirt and begin to raise it, running my nails up his chest and nibbling on his chin. But he grabs my hands and turns his head. "Sarah..." He murmurs, but I'm already too far to stop now. Pulling my wrists from his grasp, I reach down and cup him in my hand. He yelps and tangles his hands in my hair, pulling my face down to his and kissing me passionately. As his hands slide down my face, over my neck, and onto my breasts, I sigh indigently and throw my head backwards. His hands somehow find their way up my top and with one hand, he unhooks the front clasp of my bra. As I tumble out, he cups me in his hands, and I let go of the grip I have on him. Rolling my clothed body against his hips, I whimper, and he bucks against me.

Posted by: Fox Mulder (danasspooky)
Posted at: September 5th, 2005 04:54 am (UTC)

*I try to stop himself, but I'm already too far gone to turn back now, and when she pulled her wrists free of my grasp and pulled me into her, I knew I couldn't stop. I needed her, needed this from her so bad. I quickly find my way under her shirt and undo her bra, freeing her to me as I cup her breasts in my hands. I buck wildly against her still clothed body, needing more from her. I reach down and find the hem of her shirt and pull it over her head, taking a moment to admire the beautiful sight before me. He breasts are heaving up and down on her chest as she breaths raggedly, and I can't help but find myself mesmerized by her. She reaches down and rips off my shirt, throwing it aside and pushes me back against the couch. She whimpers as she straddles my hips, and I grind myself against her body, still clothed from the waist down. I pull her mouth down to mine and kiss her deep again, feeling her bare breasts rub up against my now bare chest.*

Posted by: jarhead_marine (jarhead_marine)
Posted at: September 5th, 2005 05:14 am (UTC)

I am whimpering and sweating and bucking until Fox grabs my waist, comes forward, and pushes me backwards. I land flat on my back at the opposite end of the couch. Grabbing my wrists, he holds them over my head as he unzips my jeans and manages to get them off with one hand, then does the same to his own. His lips are on my face at first, all over, my eyes, chin, lips. But he slowly makes his way down my neck, onto my chest, taking in each nipple one at a time and caring for both equally. Then his tongue makes rings around my bellybutton and I buck against him once more. With his teeth, he pulls my panties down away from my waist, using his hands to pull them down off of my legs and quickly disposes of his boxer briefs. He is as well-endowed as I remember and I quickly remember how he uses his large bestowment. Without a breath, he thrusts into me roughly, locking his lips to mine, still holding my hands over my head with one hand. I whimper and scream and giggle and buck and finally, we settle into an equilibrium, a rhythm all our own. And that's when he leans back, pulling me with him, keeping me tight against his body. He lands on his back at the end of the couch where we started. He bucks a few more times and then together, we reach climax and release. I fall breathless against his sweaty, taut, hot body, and realize that I'm crying. Tears are falling down my cheeks onto his warm body, and his hands tangle in my hair. "Sarah," he whispers against my ear, "I love you." I lift my head and meet his eyes. He kisses my forehead and that's when I smell the alcohol on his breath. I hadn't tasted it, but I smelled it. "Fox, this was all a mistake, wasn't it? You don't mean what you're saying, do you?" He smiled and licks his lips, letting his fingers glide down my spine. "I do Sarah, I only had one drink tonite. I'm in a perfect state of mind. It's true, I love you, I love what you do to me." I sense a but coming on, and I know that I'm right. "But I love Dana too..."

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